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Work Items


by stephenbt
Jan 21, 2008
4:52 PM

Being evaluated

- Updated to use Olson 2007k.
- Move calculation of zone line UTC until times into TzDatabase.cs
- Time Zone initialisers include the zone line until times in UTC format.
- Fix to obtaining Daylight Times and abbrevations in years when rules start e.g. Australia/Perth in 2007

- Zone line UTC until time calculation is done during ReadDatabase


by stephenbt
Jan 10, 2008
12:31 PM

Being evaluated

Fix to issue 14475.
Fix to problem getting timezone abbreviations in for example Asia/Tokio where modifier text is required, but DST does not currently operate.

- GetDaylightChanges - overloaded to return std and dst abbreviations along with the change information.
- FindZone - comparison to find zone line takes account of Kind of supplied time value
- GetAbbreviation - makes use of the new GetDaylightChanges method
- Code has been added to convert the until data into a utc DateTime + offset to local time when TimeZoneInfo objects are created. (These values would ideally be calculated in TzTests and included in the intialisers, but are here for now)

- zone line objects can now store until times in utc + offset to local time (calculated in TzTimeZone).
- TzZone.GetUntilDateTime uses the utc+offset values if they are valid, otherwise it uses the original calculations
- FormatModifier - updated to supply correct abbreviation when e.g. zone.Format= "GMT/BST". In this case, dst status is determinedby SaveTime (same method as used in Olson code)
- TzZone.IsGreaterThanUntil - checks the kind of the supplied DateTime
- ApplyTimeModifier conversions corrected.


by MathiasHolmgren
Oct 16, 2007
12:28 PM

Being evaluated

Possible fix for the 13336 issue.

TzTimeZone.CurrentTimeZone now initializes to a valid (=non null) TzTimeZone instance representing UTC when current OS time zone is set to GMT.


by jang
Oct 10, 2007
10:47 PM

Being evaluated

Attached is the 7zip ( compressed archive containing:
- Unix Unified Diff format comparing my changes to TzTimeZone.cs to
- HTML Diff comparing my changes to TzTimeZone.cs to
- The modified TzTimeZone.cs

This is not really the final form that I wish to have implemented, but this is good enough. :D

The ideal is to have a Dictionary mapping the hashcode to the appropriate delegate for InitializeZones*(). I am not sure how expensive it is to initialize this dictionary in the static constructor.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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